Natural Dog Repellent

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The strong smell of dogs’ urine can be avoided, by paying attention to the hydration of our pet. With an increase in water intake, the urine is less concentrated and therefore unpleasant odors are reduced. There is also the possibility of using some natural remedies, air fresheners, and repellents.


  • 1) Vinegar

Vinegar is the most effective natural alternative to solve the problem of the urine of dogs on the walls. It is, in fact, a true natural repellent that can be sprayed on exterior walls.

For example, next to the door or garage, or in areas where dogs often urinate. In this way, you will avoid resorting to synthetic repellents.

  • 2) Pepper and Chili

Some spices, such as black pepper or cayenne pepper, are used to prevent dogs from urinating inside or outside the home. Sprinkle with powdered spices, grains or small pieces, the most critical points.

Dogs do not approach because of the strong odor that spices emit. Also, the hot pepper is suitable for this purpose.

  • 3) Garlic and Onion

The repellent can be applied in the garden or on the patio, at critical points. Simply mix 2 small chopped onions, 2 cloves of chopped garlic, 1 chopped red pepper, 1 tablespoon of cayenne pepper, 1 tablespoon of Tabasco sauce, 1 tablespoon of chili powder, 1 tablespoon of dish soap and 1 liter of hot water.

Let stand overnight and then strain the obtained liquid through a sieve.

  • 4) Lemon Juice

It is a useful remedy to keep dogs away from carpets and outside walls. Dilute the juice of a lemon and a little water and sprinkle it on the surface you want.

  • 5) Water Bottles

It is not clear the mechanism that guarantees the effectiveness of this deterrent, which prevents dogs from peeing near doors, walls or other areas of the garden or the house. Different people experience it successfully with both dogs and cats. Simply place a plastic bottle filled with water at the desired points. Total try costs nothing.

Guide to training your dog

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In this article, we offer you a guide to learn how to train basic level obedience exercises on a small scale to your canine. Keep in mind that if you are trying to train yourself to become a professional canine educator, this is not the way.

You must inform yourself about the differences between dogs and other animals, as well as dog psychology to obtain the precise qualification.

dog training

In this little guide, de we will show you the five stages that make up the basic level of education of all dogs and we will name the exercises that you should perform. Among them, we highlight the clicker load, a fundamental tool for better results.

This way, if you do not have a clicker yet, we encourage you to get one with you to practice the orders below. Remember that the key to the good canine educator lies in patience, consistency, and use of positive reinforcement. No dog is born knowing and everyone requires time to internalize orders and changes in behavior.

Follow the basic level of canine training to get good results and avoid a scared dog.

Remember that the key to the good canine educator lies in patience, consistency, and use of positive reinforcement.

No dog is born knowing and everyone requires time to internalize orders and changes in behavior. Follow the basic level of canine training and tell us the results.

Stage 1

The first stage of the basic level of dog training is to get the desired responses in your dog, generalize them in different places and times, associate them with visual and verbal signals, and eliminate body language so it does not interfere with your signals.

For this, it is advisable to start with the exercises that we named below:

Load the clicker

Since the best way to train a dog is through positive reinforcement, the clicker will be your great ally. Do it with him and consult our article in which we detail how to carry out the process.

Once you have controlled this tool and know how to use it in dog education, you can start working with your dog on this.

Reinforce Their Name

If your dog is a puppy, without a doubt the first thing you must do is get him to recognize his name. To do this, simply say the name of your dog in different places and situations, and praise or congratulate each time you respond to him.

Food Incentive

In general, all dogs tend to follow the food with their eyes, but, if you can not do it you will have to practice this exercise to get it. To do this, place a piece of food in your hand, or a treat, approach the muzzle of your dog, move your hand with food to the right, click with the clicker and offer it to the pet.

Do the same exercise to the left, up and down. It is very important that between the click and the food offering pass a few seconds for the dog to associate that if he follows it he gets it.

Call them by name

Even if your dog comes to you when you call him by name, we advise you to look for another word to tell him to come to your call during training or other everyday situations, such as “come”.

Since this exercise is really useful, it is interesting to start working from the first stage of the basic level of canine training.

The exercise is simple, take a treat, say “come”, place the treat between your feet, click with the clicker when the animal is heading towards you, let your dog pick up the candy and repeat the process. You should practice the exercise in different rooms of the house for a better result.

We follow this strategy to capture the attention of the animal and get it to go without saying the complete order.

Get The Dogs Attention

With this exercise, what we want to achieve is that the animal looks at us from time to time during the walks in order to verify that we are still at his side. In parallel, it will be fundamental to educate the dog to learn to walk with us, following the instructions of our article.

To get us to watch and watch for us, we must practice the exercise outdoors, during the walks. Take the clicker with you, it’s the key to success. So, during the walk, every time your dog turns to look at you click and give the treat to reinforce the behavior.

It’s that simple! In time, you should stop offering food and come to congratulate it.

Teach Self Control

With this exercise we want our dog to learn to self-control and not throw itself on us every time we smell the food from our hand or want to get something we have. To do this, sit on the floor or on a chair, depending on the size of your dog, take a treat, cover it with your hand, close it to the muzzle of the can, let it smells, nibble your hand, the mud, and do everything the possibility to get the prize, but do not give it.

The moment the animal walks away, no matter the reason, click with the clicker and give the candy. Repeat the exercise until the dog associates the act of walking away with getting what he wants.

At this point, you can enter in the exercise the word “leaves” after showing the dog the candy and before reaching the hand to the nose. Thus, you will get that just by saying the command your dog can move away.

Sit and stay

This order is one of the most basic of canine training, so we include it in the first stage. Teaching our dog to sit will help us in numerous situations of daily life, since we can tell you how you feel before crossing the road when we have visitors, etc.

To get inside, we advise you to consult our article in which we detail how to teach a dog to sit.

Stage 2

In the second stage of the basic level of training, the exercises performed during the first phase should be deepened and slight distractions added, as well as eliminating body language, eliminating food and learning to use other prizes.

In this way, you will have to continue practicing the exercises and gradually eliminate the sweets to replace them with gestures that attract your attention, such as slapping and effusive congratulations when you act correctly.

In the case of the “leaving” exercise, to eliminate the food progressively you will have to pass it by showing it in the palm of your hand, the soil or the food bowl of your can so that it learns to control its impulses in any situation.

Also, all exercises must be performed in various spaces to offer “distractions”, make orders difficult and get them done at any time.

More Exercises

Teaching your dog to lie down is very simple. First, command him to sit down. Then, take a treat, bring it to the muzzle so he can smell it and immediately lower his hand to his front legs so that he instinctively lies down. At that point, click and offer the treat.

If you can not lie down but follow the food with your eyes, click, bring the candy to the snout and slowly lower the hand to follow the food with his body, you will get him to lie down and you can click to give him the reward.

As the dog advances in the exercise and manages to lie down more quickly, you must enter the command “sit” while lying down to associate it with the movement.

Look at me

This exercise is really useful to get your dog’s attention, especially during the training of the rides to walk with you. Getting it is very simple, you should sit in front of your dog with a treat in the hand, as soon as the dog looks into your eyes, click with the clicker and give the treat.

Repeat this exercise until you see that your dog is moving forward. At this point, just when your dog looks at you, enter the “look at me” command and follow the exercise guidelines.

Stage 3

What is intended to be achieved during the third stage of the basic level of canine training is to increase the duration of the responses? To do this, you must perform the exercises and mentally say the word “sit” before clicking and reinforcing the behavior.

Little by little he goes on to say “one thousand one”, then “one thousand one, one thousand two”, “one thousand one, one thousand two thousand”, and so on until “one thousand five.” If the dog is not able to wait, say “No” and start the exercise again.

In addition to getting the can wait to get your prize, you can work the following new exercises into your arsenal; Walking without pulling the leash. This exercise is essential for quiet, relaxed and uncontested walks.

We advise you to consult our article in which we detail the steps that you must follow to teach your dog not to pull the leash.

Properly greet people

Whether we are accustomed to receiving visitors or not, educating the dog so that he does not jump on people and be patient when greeting and welcoming will free us from more of an embarrassing situation.

Stage 4

In the fourth stage of the basic level of canine training, it is intended to increase the duration of responses even more while maintaining their position and get the dog to respond while you perform different activities. You will most likely have more difficulties than in the previous stages to achieve the desired results.

Therefore, you must have patience and be constant, remember that educating a dog takes time.

At this stage, instead of mentally telling what you have to do is walk away a few steps to get the dog to stand still while you walk. To do this, you can use the commands to move away five steps and use the command “come”.

When you go to him, click and stroke him so that he can interpret that he has done well, as long as he has been lying down while you walked away. If you do not hold the position, start the exercise again.

You can work out the different exercises using both sit and stay commands. Since this stage has a greater degree of difficulty, we do not recommend introducing new exercises.

Stage 5

The last stage of the basic level of canine training is to increase the response distance, even if it is only a few steps. Thus, you will get you can obey without having to be stuck to it.

The exercise is simple, you simply have to repeat the process performed during the fourth stage by increasing the number of steps. Remember that at first it will not be easy and your dog will not hold the position during your entire journey.

However, with perseverance, patience, and positive reinforcement, you will be able to stay still for as long as you want.

Differences Between Dogs and Cats

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While the dog has always had a place in the homes, the cat is growing in power in recent years, thanks to their immense success on the web. Over time, we realized that the cat was suffering from a reputation that was not always faithful to him.

Snob, independent, resentful, so many defects that seem to belong to the world of felines, and yet many masters will confirm it, it is totally possible to maintain a fusional relationship with his cat, just as with a dog.

Yes, but in this case, why prefer one to the other?

The cat and the dog are fundamentally different, this is probably the reason why it is interesting to be interested in the masters, more than the animal in itself, in the first place.

According to a study “pet humans” of cats have a greater chance of being introverted than in the case of a human dog companion (note the difference of term). However, this is only a base from a large survey, and many masters may not recognize it.

That is precisely the point I wanted to make. If in theory, certain things seem to be obvious, in practice it is sometimes very different.


If the dog is an animal that is educated with a little training, the cat is, contrary to conventional wisdom, totally capable of integrating some rules of life. Indeed, one would tend to think that the cat does not know to submit to imperatives, nevertheless, it is, of course, possible to educate your cat, only the way to do it is different.

The regular dogs will probably feel lost the day he faced trying to dominate his master. A cat is a bit like a couple of humans, you always have to let it believe that it will have the last word when it is not. The idea being not to impose it, but to make him understand.

This is where the cat’s educational magic is. It is an animal that does not just learn, like the dog. No, it will be necessary to integrate that one thing is better, by various techniques already evoked through this blog.

In short, if the reason you prefer to turn to a dog is its ability to learn, remember that it is totally possible to do it with a cat, even if the process differs a little.


Many people turn to the cat, believing that it is a systematically independent animal. Once again, I would like to warn you about this accepted idea, which is not always accurate in reality.

Indeed, the cat has a predisposition to live in harmony with itself, nevertheless, if it is a feline base, it nevertheless remains that there are very many cats totally addicted to their masters.

And if you had the idea of adopting a feline, rather than a dog, for these reasons, beware of the water that sleeps.

A cat will not appreciate more than a dog, too regularly, alone. He too loves companionship, even more so if he lives indoors. Indeed, a cat will have a tendency to develop his independence more easily if he has the opportunity to go on the adventure whenever he likes, which is not the case for all the representatives of the species.

So your cat will ask you, like a dog, moments of cuddling, moments of games also, even if it will make a point of honor to enjoy its moments of solitude at other times.

The relationship

Again, many will tell you that the relationship that is maintained with a dog is systematically stronger than that one can have with a cat. And yes, it’s well known, dogs more loyal than cats.

However, let us ask the right question. Is the cat so selfish that it appears? Not sure! It is perhaps the domestic animal that most resembles us, to look at it more closely.

Garbage Disposal Issues

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garbage disposal unitIt is not uncommon for food or other waste to be emptied into the garbage disposal, the top opens and the disposer does the rest. The next day, you want to use the trash crusher and it does not work.

What can you do? The first thing you want to do is to avoid putting anything else in the crusher – and that includes your hands or fingers. Certainly, you can use a flashlight to look and determine if something is stuck in the rotating knife.

However, do not put your hand on the crusher even if the unit is turned off. If the knives are tangled around something and you release it, It could cut off your fingers.

Restarting Your Garbage Disposal?

Well, you turn on the crusher and hear nothing. Whats Next? First, make sure you do not hear a buzz. If you do not hear a buzz, make sure the crusher is connected. If it is connected, find the reset button – typically located at the bottom of the unit. Press the reset button (very often it will be red) and see if it turns on.

If the crusher still does not work, check the circuit breaker on the electrical panel of your home. If the circuit breaker has tripped, fix it and try to turn on the trash crusher

Other Problems

If you have checked the reset button and the unit is connected and the circuit breaker has not tripped, you may have a trashed trash crusher or a problem with the switch that powers the unit. If you know how to replace the switch from your garbage disposer (usually located on the wall under the sink), you can change the plug/switch and see if that makes up the problem.

If not, it could be that you have an internal problem with the trash crusher unit.

Decomposed Garbage Crushers

There are situations where even the best garbage disposals get an obstruction that can interfere with proper operation and drainage. If you are not sure what the cause of your garbage disposal problem is, and ask to speak to a licensed plumber and they will surely be able to help you.

What is the Best Table Saw

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Here is a question that we would like to answer.  This guy is looking for the best table saw and would like some expert opinions.

“I would like to solicit your expert opinions.

I need to make small boxes, about 100x45x24 mm, in various materials.
Some will be wood, stabilized wood, micarta, and delrin.
I would need to redeem some machines including a circular saw on a table and a combine Plano-planer at least for woodworking.

Given the size of small boxes and that of my micro workshop, I could not go on a handset of the table top type or similar to other brands.

So I thought to go circular or something that would be perfect for me if the cutting height exceeded 22mm but that is not the case.

For the planer, I thought about the dewalt but I’m afraid that it is a bit big for the size of the pieces to be machined at least for the planer (besides if anyone knows the minimum planing length? Value difficult to find). Or else go on a proxxon with the DH-40 and the AH-80.”

Well, we would suggest that you go with the dewalt because of the durability and strength of this line.

How to pick kitchen utensils

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cookwareThe essential thing for any cook, whether you are a beginner or an experienced cook? Good utensils and cookware.  You should get the best cookware that’s available. Appropriate utensils make all the difference in food preparation. Gone are the pots that screw up, the dull knives that refuse to sliced anything, and the ruined cakes. Same for corkscrews because you always forget that you already have one, and items taken from the corner supermarket that break at the slightest bump. So how to choose the most useful utensils, and where to get them? In this article you will find the best tips to create your cookware, the essentials you’ll need to get started, how to choose quality utensils and a selection of where to find them. Whether you are in your first student apartment or have just moved in and are looking for a kitchen worthy of yourself to test your culinary skills, this guide is for you.

Are professional utensils any better? Given the popularity of cooking sites and other shows where candidates show off culinary prowess, it is questionable whether the pro utensils are really necessary.
Professional or semi-professional utensils are generally better quality. But its important to still pay attention to products stamped as such, this does not necessarily mean that the pros use them. Some distributors simply use this designation for brand recognition

Our tips to make your cookware:
– Opt for trademarks used by professionals, who are generally already known to the general public (cuisinhart etc)
– Choose Good quality, at higher cost certainly but where you will be guaranteed of quality. Make the calculation that if you replace your utensils of lesser quality every 2-3 years … There is no comparison!

How to not get ripped off by the Plumber

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Plumbers… The choice of your professional will depend on the type of works you wish to realize. Some plumbing professionals may specialize in sanitary installations or heating systems, while others will specialize in renewable energies.

In addition, some only perform troubleshooting, while others are specialized in installation. So make sure your craftsman’s areas of expertise before starting any work.

For more information, see our article on the various interventions of the plumber.

good plumber


Plumbing professionals are numerous in the market, but not all of them are certified. To ensure quality work, make sure that the professional you are applying for holds a diploma certifying that he has received specialized training. For these plumbers in Dayton Ohio, they require a minimum of red seal training.

If in doubt, do not hesitate to ask them to present their diplomas. “Besides,” a good professional is a craftsman who identifies the client’s need to offer him what he really needs in relation to this type of dwelling because each dwelling is different.

It is necessary to have a system of heating, hot water or insulation that is really adapted to its housing. ”
Qualifications obtained from semi-public organizations such as Qualibat or the CAPEB (Confederation of Crafts and Small Building Enterprises) are also an additional guarantee in the choice of your professional plumbing.

And beyond his skills and qualifications, find out about your craftsman’s references to the Chamber of Crafts. Please do not hesitate to ask him for details of past clients. This will give you an idea of his skill.

Go by word of mouth and reviews

All professionals will say: the ideal to find a reliable and competent professional, it is obviously to play word-of-mouth. By making you recommend a professional by a member of your entourage, you avoid any unpleasant surprise and ensure, a priori, the quality of your craftsman’s work.

Vincent Montagne recommends to “call on a craftsman of the sector because the day you need a breakdown service or other there must be someone nearby.