What is the Best Table Saw

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Here is a question that we would like to answer.  This guy is looking for the best table saw and would like some expert opinions.

“I would like to solicit your expert opinions.

I need to make small boxes, about 100x45x24 mm, in various materials.
Some will be wood, stabilized wood, micarta, and delrin.
I would need to redeem some machines including a circular saw on a table and a combine Plano-planer at least for woodworking.

Given the size of small boxes and that of my micro workshop, I could not go on a handset of the table top type or similar to other brands.

So I thought to go circular or something that would be perfect for me if the cutting height exceeded 22mm but that is not the case.

For the planer, I thought about the dewalt¬†but I’m afraid that it is a bit big for the size of the pieces to be machined at least for the planer (besides if anyone knows the minimum planing length? Value difficult to find). Or else go on a proxxon with the DH-40 and the AH-80.”

Well, we would suggest that you go with the dewalt because of the durability and strength of this line.