Differences Between Dogs and Cats

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While the dog has always had a place in the homes, the cat is growing in power in recent years, thanks to their immense success on the web. Over time, we realized that the cat was suffering from a reputation that was not always faithful to him.

Snob, independent, resentful, so many defects that seem to belong to the world of felines, and yet many masters will confirm it, it is totally possible to maintain a fusional relationship with his cat, just as with a dog.

Yes, but in this case, why prefer one to the other?

The cat and the dog are fundamentally different, this is probably the reason why it is interesting to be interested in the masters, more than the animal in itself, in the first place.

According to a study “pet humans” of cats have a greater chance of being introverted than in the case of a human dog companion (note the difference of term). However, this is only a base from a large survey, and many masters may not recognize it.

That is precisely the point I wanted to make. If in theory, certain things seem to be obvious, in practice it is sometimes very different.


If the dog is an animal that is educated with a little training, the cat is, contrary to conventional wisdom, totally capable of integrating some rules of life. Indeed, one would tend to think that the cat does not know to submit to imperatives, nevertheless, it is, of course, possible to educate your cat, only the way to do it is different.

The regular dogs will probably feel lost the day he faced trying to dominate his master. A cat is a bit like a couple of humans, you always have to let it believe that it will have the last word when it is not. The idea being not to impose it, but to make him understand.

This is where the cat’s educational magic is. It is an animal that does not just learn, like the dog. No, it will be necessary to integrate that one thing is better, by various techniques already evoked through this blog.

In short, if the reason you prefer to turn to a dog is its ability to learn, remember that it is totally possible to do it with a cat, even if the process differs a little.


Many people turn to the cat, believing that it is a systematically independent animal. Once again, I would like to warn you about this accepted idea, which is not always accurate in reality.

Indeed, the cat has a predisposition to live in harmony with itself, nevertheless, if it is a feline base, it nevertheless remains that there are very many cats totally addicted to their masters.

And if you had the idea of adopting a feline, rather than a dog, for these reasons, beware of the water that sleeps.

A cat will not appreciate more than a dog, too regularly, alone. He too loves companionship, even more so if he lives indoors. Indeed, a cat will have a tendency to develop his independence more easily if he has the opportunity to go on the adventure whenever he likes, which is not the case for all the representatives of the species.

So your cat will ask you, like a dog, moments of cuddling, moments of games also, even if it will make a point of honor to enjoy its moments of solitude at other times.

The relationship

Again, many will tell you that the relationship that is maintained with a dog is systematically stronger than that one can have with a cat. And yes, it’s well known, dogs more loyal than cats.

However, let us ask the right question. Is the cat so selfish that it appears? Not sure! It is perhaps the domestic animal that most resembles us, to look at it more closely.