How to pick kitchen utensils

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cookwareThe essential thing for any cook, whether you are a beginner or an experienced cook? Good utensils and cookware. ¬†You should get the best cookware that’s available. Appropriate utensils make all the difference in food preparation. Gone are the pots that screw up, the dull knives that refuse to sliced anything, and the ruined cakes. Same for corkscrews because you always forget that you already have one, and items taken from the corner supermarket that break at the slightest bump. So how to choose the most useful utensils, and where to get them? In this article you will find the best tips to create your cookware, the essentials you’ll need to get started, how to choose quality utensils and a selection of where to find them. Whether you are in your first student apartment or have just moved in and are looking for a kitchen worthy of yourself¬†to test your culinary skills, this guide is for you.

Are professional utensils any better? Given the popularity of cooking sites and other shows where candidates show off culinary prowess, it is questionable whether the pro utensils are really necessary.
Professional or semi-professional utensils are generally better quality. But its important to still pay attention to products stamped as such, this does not necessarily mean that the pros use them. Some distributors simply use this designation for brand recognition

Our tips to make your cookware:
– Opt for trademarks used by professionals, who are generally already known to the general public (cuisinhart etc)
– Choose Good quality, at higher cost certainly but where you will be guaranteed of quality. Make the calculation that if you replace your utensils of lesser quality every 2-3 years … There is no comparison!