Natural Dog Repellent

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The strong smell of dogs’ urine can be avoided, by paying attention to the hydration of our pet. With an increase in water intake, the urine is less concentrated and therefore unpleasant odors are reduced. There is also the possibility of using some natural remedies, air fresheners, and repellents.


  • 1) Vinegar

Vinegar is the most effective natural alternative to solve the problem of the urine of dogs on the walls. It is, in fact, a true natural repellent that can be sprayed on exterior walls.

For example, next to the door or garage, or in areas where dogs often urinate. In this way, you will avoid resorting to synthetic repellents.

  • 2) Pepper and Chili

Some spices, such as black pepper or cayenne pepper, are used to prevent dogs from urinating inside or outside the home. Sprinkle with powdered spices, grains or small pieces, the most critical points.

Dogs do not approach because of the strong odor that spices emit. Also, the hot pepper is suitable for this purpose.

  • 3) Garlic and Onion

The repellent can be applied in the garden or on the patio, at critical points. Simply mix 2 small chopped onions, 2 cloves of chopped garlic, 1 chopped red pepper, 1 tablespoon of cayenne pepper, 1 tablespoon of Tabasco sauce, 1 tablespoon of chili powder, 1 tablespoon of dish soap and 1 liter of hot water.

Let stand overnight and then strain the obtained liquid through a sieve.

  • 4) Lemon Juice

It is a useful remedy to keep dogs away from carpets and outside walls. Dilute the juice of a lemon and a little water and sprinkle it on the surface you want.

  • 5) Water Bottles

It is not clear the mechanism that guarantees the effectiveness of this deterrent, which prevents dogs from peeing near doors, walls or other areas of the garden or the house. Different people experience it successfully with both dogs and cats. Simply place a plastic bottle filled with water at the desired points. Total try costs nothing.