How to not get ripped off by the Plumber

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Plumbers… The choice of your professional will depend on the type of works you wish to realize. Some plumbing professionals may specialize in sanitary installations or heating systems, while others will specialize in renewable energies.

In addition, some only perform troubleshooting, while others are specialized in installation. So make sure your craftsman’s areas of expertise before starting any work.

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good plumber


Plumbing professionals are numerous in the market, but not all of them are certified. To ensure quality work, make sure that the professional you are applying for holds a diploma certifying that he has received specialized training. For these plumbers in Dayton Ohio, they require a minimum of red seal training.

If in doubt, do not hesitate to ask them to present their diplomas. “Besides,” a good professional is a craftsman who identifies the client’s need to offer him what he really needs in relation to this type of dwelling because each dwelling is different.

It is necessary to have a system of heating, hot water or insulation that is really adapted to its housing. ”
Qualifications obtained from semi-public organizations such as Qualibat or the CAPEB (Confederation of Crafts and Small Building Enterprises) are also an additional guarantee in the choice of your professional plumbing.

And beyond his skills and qualifications, find out about your craftsman’s references to the Chamber of Crafts. Please do not hesitate to ask him for details of past clients. This will give you an idea of his skill.

Go by word of mouth and reviews

All professionals will say: the ideal to find a reliable and competent professional, it is obviously to play word-of-mouth. By making you recommend a professional by a member of your entourage, you avoid any unpleasant surprise and ensure, a priori, the quality of your craftsman’s work.

Vincent Montagne recommends to “call on a craftsman of the sector because the day you need a breakdown service or other there must be someone nearby.