Which Pet Is Ideal For Children

Many children want an animal, dog, cat, hamster or fish? It all depends on the child’s temperament, but also on the animal’s temperament, which can soothe, support and, of course, play with your child.

Know that the close ties that are formed between a child and pets are often very beneficial to its development. He is, in turn, a confidant, a playmate, and soothes.

It remains to know which is the ideal pet to choose according to the way of life of the family, the age and the personality of the child, but also according to the temperament of the animal.

The dog, ideal companion:

Dogs have the enormous quality of “feeling” the child’s mood and supporting him emotionally in case of blues. From three years old, he can find comfort “but then we must prefer an already educated dog to a crazy puppy, which nibbles the child.

Education will continue with at least one parent; it will be an opportunity to install games between the child and the dog so that they both learn to appreciate each other.

There are no nicer breeds than others. With a garden and one to two hours daily to devote to the walks, one can opt for an active dog like the Labrador or the Golden retriever.

The child must be already a little tall to cope with their attitudes of play sometimes a little brutal.

The cat, tender and soothing:

Rumblings, raspy tongues, rubbing of the head: the cat gives all kinds of signs of tenderness. And several scientific works have shown the soothing virtues of purring. The child learns to be tolerant towards the behavior of others, even if they do not always make him happy.

Moreover, we know that Carthusian, Abyssinian, Burmese or Scottish fold are docile with children. The Persian cat, very early manipulated to untangle its hair, is particularly suitable for contact. In any case, a kitten will fit more easily than an adult cat to his new family.

Rabbit, mouse, rat, reassuring and cuddly:

For a child of three or four years, the guinea pig has advantages: it does not move much, does not bite, does not scratch and is relatively manipulated. For those who prefer small rodents like the hamster, it is better to wait until the child is “the age of reason”, the toddlers may hurt him. The rabbit is also recommended to larger because it can scratch or bite.

A small rodent can be recommended for children who are introverted or in need of cuddling. They can walk everywhere with them, and this little ball of hair reassures them.

As for the domestic rat, it is highly rated among preteens. Rats sold as pets are sweet, and offer to see fun behaviors.

Remember to talk to your child before buying it.

The fish, relaxing:

For a child who is looking for contact, there is no need to opt for “cold-blooded” animals. But fish can soothe unruly kids – their relaxing virtue has been scientifically proven. Attracted by the strangeness of the aquatic world, they can spend hours watching the fish evolve in the aquarium. Parents who are reluctant to the smells or sounds of animals will also find something for them.

Next to the traditional goldfish, one can choose the Chinese rasbora, the loach clown, the gourami. The choice is vast, and as much move towards the less fragile species. From the age of six, the child learns to feed them at specific times and, under parental control, to clean the aquarium.

What makes him responsible.

The animal is as much of the child as of the family. We must make sure that the whole household agrees to welcome him and that he will not be in a position of weakness compared to another animal.